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Connie Dowsett

"Several generations of my family grew up and worked in East Moline because of the sense of community. The East Moline Community Fund allows us to support this community of neighbors in East Moline both now and for generations to come."

Jen von Kaenel

"I am excited about the great changes happening in East Moline and am looking forward to fundraising for the East Moline Community Fund because I believe there are still so many possibilities for making the community even better."

Larry Anderson

Cathie Rochau

"I chose to serve on the EMCF because I enjoy serving others and the greater good. I truly believe in “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” To me, this means being a good steward, donor, volunteer, and doing anything I can to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most in our community."

Matt Wright

"My goal in serving on the East Moline Community Fund is to raise awareness and to help connect funds with efforts that support the community."

Eric Davis

"Although we have lived throughout the Quad Cities, East Moline continues to be a place I consider to be my home base. As the developments at The Bend and throughout downtown continue, the residents of East Moline continue to be inspirational to the rest of the QCA and prove that hard work pays off. I have joined the EMCF to continue to keep that energy high and community involvement moving forward and help elevate East Moline’s status as a premier city." 

Shaun Taylor

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