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The East Moline Community Fund is a dynamic collection of individuals, families and organizations who want to see the East Moline region thrive and grow for generations to come.

Our team is dedicated to making giving easy, efficient and meaningful. We have the knowledge and tools to ensure you get the most of your giving experience. Connecting passionate, community-minded people is what we do best. Let us help you achieve the greatest possible impact in the fields you care about most.

Why Give Through Us?

Local Expertise

Think of us as your local giving experts. Behind the scenes, we handle simple and complex gift transactions, fund administration, investment oversight and tax filings. Our goal is for you to focus on the most rewarding parts of giving. 

We also have a deep understanding of the issues, opportunities and initiatives shaping our region. By sharing insights and success stories, we can help you make informed giving decisions and explore new possibilities.

Personal Service

One size does not fit all. That is why we want to get to know you and your unique motivations for giving - from family values and traditions to tax planning needs and charitable goals. We will help identify the best giving options for your situation and offer knowledge and guidance to help you pursue your passions each step of the way.

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